Online Training

Every Great Muskogee Scout Deserves a Trained Leader!

Training sign-up or questions?
Contact Frank Ross Training Chairman for Great Muskogee District at
(904) 805-2040 or

There are several Training Courses online at You can complete all Cub Scout leader basic training, Troop committee basic training, fast start courses and many others. You will need to register with a user name and password and its good to have your BSA ID handy. If you are new and you don’t have a BSA ID yet you can log in later to link the ID after you receive it. Please don’t forget to link this ID later, this step is what links your completed training’s to council so they have accurate records of completion. Please note that all of the new Cub Leader Specific Training is now online.

Please note that all online training has been moved from to Once you get logged in after registering you can find the training by clicking on the words Home in the top left corner of the page. A drop down box will appear, click on my dashboard. Then you will see my training and youth protection training classes and completion information will be showing. To find specifics training, near the center of the page at the top you will see some links, YPT, training center, requirements, and completions click on training center then click on the type of training you would like to do. ie cub scouts, boy scouts etc..